Why Consistency is a good thing.

This is an article from Before & After Magazine


Unless you’re designing a video game, consistency matters. Not to make things dull, but to keep attention focused on the good stuff. It’s like driving; because every stop sign looks alike, you can get where you’re going and carry on a good conversation while you get there. If, instead, stop signs all looked different — like, whatever; you know, creative — you’d spend the whole drive worried about whether you should stop, or where, or when, or how, trying to figure things out. You’d lose your good conversation and your peace, and it would be scary besides. That’s what consistency in design is about. Get the routine, navigational stuff consistent so your audience can settle in, then you can have fun with the real stuff.

(From the awesome ybklove)

Yearbook: for many of us, it's our second home, our second family. We're the kids with the cool cameras and the cool techniques. We're the best photographers, writers and designers on campus. We've got neat computers and neat software, and we've got the ability to capture the entire year for our student body to look back on from now until forever. Our books live on for decades. Everyone will show our production to their kids and their kids' kids.

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